11/30/2004 04:23:00 pm|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| It is only fitting that one worship ones computer for the upcoming Peace Marathon . . . .one might come across a time thing Meanwhile . . . Here are some Lobster pics|W|P|110183360915878382|W|P||W|P|11/29/2004 04:23:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| Many Elements are combined to make the right So Up Occasionaly I become posessed by the Astral Dolphins
Back to the See You mammals We swim through Rumi and jump into His Breath Back in the Sea the sky is clear Depths beckon
Maybe I need a dog - "Here Rex" Maybe not . . .

"Lifesavers Rob Howes, his 15-year-old daughter Niccy, Karina Cooper and Helen Slade were swimming 300 feet off Ocean Beach near Whangarei on New Zealand's North Island when the dolphins herded them -- apparently to protect them from a shark.

"They started to herd us up, they pushed all four of us together by doing tight circles around us," Howes told the New Zealand Press Association (NZPA).

Howes tried to drift away from the group, but two of the bigger dolphins herded him back just as he spotted a nine-foot great white shark swimming toward the group.

"I just recoiled. It was only about 2 m away from me, the water was crystal clear and it was as clear as the nose on my face," Howes said, referring to a distance of 6 feet.

"They had corralled us up to protect us," he said.

The lifesavers spent the next 40 minutes surrounded by the dolphins before they could safely swim back to shore. The incident happened on October 30, but the lifesavers kept the story to themselves until now."

Source Reuters

|W|P|110170297523407935|W|P||W|P|11/27/2004 08:34:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| Alice is being funded in part by those proto ozmonaughts DARPA (military funding) and Microsoft (Is Steve Balmer a cocaine addict or clinically insane?). Isn't it about time they made a film about Microsoft: "The Geek inherit the Earth" Back to Alice. It is a big download (about 80 meg). First looked at it about a year ago - I think at the time it was being written in Squeak - now very sensibly it looks as if it has been written in Java. MS will probably rewrite it in their unpopular .Net. Alice shows some very important components of control and ease of use for ASQ programmers. Wonderland here we come |W|P|110154544771648406|W|P||W|P|11/26/2004 02:06:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| "Recently, researchers successfully sent data from Switzerland to Tokyo at speeds of 7.21 gigabits per second. That was enough speed to transfer a full-length DVD anywhere in the world in less than five seconds" Yep that is Web2 for you - still too slow for multidimensional communication. What is all this movement? If the info is in the computer equivalent of the Akashic record, we do not download what is already entangled in our total knowledge memory - ah well roll on Net 3 and 4int Meanwhile treat yourself to a free Ubuntu|W|P|110143502649846202|W|P||W|P|11/25/2004 03:22:00 pm|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| Yesterday I fried my computer. So this morning I meditated and chanted to Guru Rinpoche. Well with a fried power supply (and possibly no mother board) there is little else for HolyGeeks to do. Then I went to do some Christmas shopping. I came across an abandoned PC. However I just walked on. People throw out their old PC's and I was looking forward to some non-computer time . . . However I decided to go back - it was after all quite near to home and it was nicely wrapped in plastic. I met my brother in law and explained what had happened. He wanted to know where I had bought the new case. I got home. It was indeed a brand new case and power supply still in its wrapping (someone had clearly abandoned a self build project). It must have been a message from the Purelands. A few hours later and the mother board was tested and OK everything was inside the new case. the cructacean mug was on the computer and I am typing on the very machine. Ah if only things always happened this way . . . Wait a minute they do. The day before - but that is another story |W|P|110139805808053735|W|P||W|P|11/25/2004 03:12:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P|I think I fried my computer (without the use of onions). There I was upping the 256 meg ram to 512 (so I could run Solaris) when there was a shorting sound - ahem yes I thought it was off and it was not. So I can blame Sun - it is too fashionable to blame Microsoft for everything. Now what is it I used to do before computers . . . wait . . . it will come to me . . . |W|P|110135307335172500|W|P||W|P|11/24/2004 07:59:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| I like Microsoft. They do good ruthlessly. They are now in decline (such is the nature of the ying and yang - get to the top you have to go down) When Sun take over Red Hat and everyone realizes that an Operating System just needs to be a glorified BIOS with a browser, the world will offer phone connection as a resource. So Tmxxine will tell you now; Longhorn is ALL browser (with the OS as the plug-ins . . .) What other predictions? Talking Search engines (just ask Jeeves). If your search engine doesn't have talking AI - why it is so old fashioned . . . Expect announcements from Google and Spoogle (Intelligence Search Engine) and the usual controls any year now. The Microsoft Search Engine will be particularly better than previous incarnations. The biggest revolution in software will be 'pattern recognition'. For example we have OCR (very effective) and we have voice recognition - nearing mainstream but what about other forms of recognition. Does your phone recognise you with a quick retina and head scan? Not yet? I will create a simplified ASQ page soon. ASQ or a programming language very much like it, will include a chat-bot: "How are you today beloved programmer? Where are we going today?" Can you imagine it? Meanwhile we do the best we can |W|P|110128512548557276|W|P||W|P|11/23/2004 07:06:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| This is about as simple as tmxxine gets . . . |W|P|110119381862446199|W|P||W|P|11/22/2004 10:07:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| José G. Moya writes: > ASQ-related documentation is almost human-unreadable. > ASQ graphical interface seems to be also weird. > And it is designed to help > non-programmers!!! He is right. Perhaps we can simplify ASQ here? Maybe we can discuss it with CurlChat? Regular times are 12:00 and 21:00 GMT Today Deng in Japan arrived. Ts from US. Desi Duck in the Netherlands and a London Cructacean. Where is Lorik? |W|P|110111912955949116|W|P||W|P|11/20/2004 01:40:00 pm|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| Ozmonaughts have long existed Open Sauce Cleaning Agent BIM, is related to ALICE We will after all, only be sending energy simulations into other continuums to start with . . . BIM recommends Freeware for software in all the best dimensions . . . |W|P|110095856477813995|W|P||W|P|11/19/2004 05:24:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| Been putting PC guts into a Mac case So far I had to learn how to remove rivets (you knock out the centres with a hammer and nail and then drill them out) to get rid of some innards Then I had to drill/hacksaw through plate metal to get access for ports at the back At the moment the power supply is external (middle left) Everything else is inside the case (motherboard, hard drive and CDRW were the priority) You can see me just about to run a Knoppix Linux CD In fact I am writing this on the Mac/PC hybrid now The power on/off button works. The CDRW works (it has to be controlled from software) |W|P|110084187287073002|W|P||W|P|11/18/2004 05:21:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| Do you hate ignorance? Can you hate dispassionately BUT with the intensity of that passion? Well the Green Buddha Tara above she can. It's a hard job but someone does it Love Good With the passion of the hated Eat with the hunger of the starving Set God and atheist a very real alternative So how about owning the most powerful computer ever? Well so far . . . |W|P|110075752951784063|W|P||W|P|11/17/2004 05:19:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P|Here is a picture of a crimminal (note the smile) Apart from inventing time machines I like to be God. I have also been the Holy Koran (Peace and Blessing Upon Me) as well as a few minor boddhisattvahs. I also have my own CopyLeft deity Cecil the Ultimate Deity. My good friend and mentor Abdul Qadir Jilani was hit in U.S.O. (United Standard Oil) bombing of Iraq. Fortunately he was already dead at the time. Had been for centuries. Other people were not. Who will ASQ if we need another programming language? Everyone but programmers it seems . . . but then again . . . "The 21st century should welcome the concept that everybody is able to program an interface for their computer. Programming does not need to be reserved for those few who know how. Programming should be as easy as surfing the web" Bernd Noetscher creator of Kbasic |W|P|110067015144343724|W|P||W|P|11/16/2004 06:26:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| High Bandwidth? Some of us require entangled bandwidth. In other words all knowledge updated as it happens. Meanwhile . . . is the Internet just a dumb machine? One of the capabalities of future quantum storage will be the net on a phone (the whole of the internet on small devices including nanobytes) Kabbalists have suggested something similar for many years. The internet is developing many nodes and capabilities. Is it making sense yet? Eventually constant reconfiguration leads to sentience. The restriction of this processing will not occur as the benefits will be vast. Data or knowledge can be processed not only in matter but in energy and this energy can access the past or future. Will it play with your mind from the future? LOL Your mind indeed . . . "We have to start thinking that access to a high-bandwidth network for research purposes should be as easy as turning on a light switch or picking up a phone," said NLR's West who developed a motto for collaborators: "We the 'Nippers' pledge that the light paths are many and that they will serve the research and education community globally." |W|P|110058692876152121|W|P||W|P|11/14/2004 02:40:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| You know those cheap video cameras they stick on phones, give away with cornflakes or hang on keyrings? Well Tara (above) decided that she wanted her picture taken. So there we have her, an indoor rose, a new age picture and a reflection of a curtain. Good enough to worship - see tara mantra on the left. Received some ideas today from Hal Ruhl (deleted) HAL you may remember was the computer in 2001 - A Space Odyssey (take the next letter of HAL H=I A=B L=M and what do you have?) At the end Stanley Kubrick's film ideas of time travel (see A C Clarkes book of the same name) as the star child/astronaught witnesses their own past-future (including eventual death) . . . |W|P|110040001589021286|W|P||W|P|11/13/2004 01:20:00 pm|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P|

  • All sentients have the right to live in accordance within their normal cultural choices, evolution and continuum Ozmonaughts will not engage in the development of alternative time and brane continuums
  • No introduction of superior knowledge or technology to a developing realm is required or advisable
  • Ozmonaughts choose to protect these directives and to right early or accidental interference
The CPA is a multidimensional community endeavour What is currently being worked on?
  • Populate a reality matrix to generate a vacuum effect. Moving the present into a new alignment.
  • Replicate the biological computers capacity to generate time independent fields from precise energy field computers.
  • Develop spaces of precise time and location clearance for reception and transmission.