12/30/2004 11:24:00 pm|W|P|know_mystery|W|P|
Happy New Year!
love and peace,
|W|P|110445313160889572|W|P||W|P|1/01/2005 11:47:00 am|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|They seem to have swam by - those Astral Dolphins - Happy New Year1/02/2005 12:23:00 am|W|P|Blogger know_mystery|W|P|Happy New Year...

No they didn't swim by, they are here... for those who see and i know you do.

joyce12/30/2004 10:00:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| A fox and a rabbit decided to send each others offspring as an act of diplomacy the bunnies got eaten and the fox cubs? They died too could not exist on the grass diet . . . In less than a month with just three rather inexperienced developers (and some keen contributing visitors) we have created a web community of over 200 web pages Starting tomorrow the purpose of those 200 pages will be the beginning of our 'Elements of Peace' cyber retreat |W|P|110440198548421302|W|P||W|P|12/30/2004 03:50:00 pm|W|P|Blogger know_mystery|W|P|The story of the fox and the rabbit brings to mind a poem i have remembered for a couple of years:

"Natural Inhibition

Dolphins have taught me much,
in many ways, their capabilities
vastly exceed that of man.
They do not appear, however,
to ever regard their prey
with compassion,
and if they did,
I suspect,
could no longer live."
~ Mace Mealer ~

:-)12/28/2004 05:10:00 pm|W|P|know_mystery|W|P|
Come and stretch your morning self, unlock your nighttime's heart. The day anew has words for you, She's kept them all this while: If not to touch the sky, why have wings at all? ~ joyce ~
In honor of every flight our spirit takes... and in honor of the hawks I have come to love... and in honor of my heron, who flew only yards above the van at the exact moment I was leaving home last Wednesday. I have never seen him fly over that part of the grounds before. His timing was as though he was saying good by, God speed, sending me off into grand new adventures. Can it be, entanglement with the hawks and herons, and the youniverse? According to New Scientist "Entanglement is the bizarre phenomenon of quantum particles such as electrons remaining mysteriously linked, even when separated by enormous distances." Spooky action at a distance? I hope so... ...but find out for yourself. |W|P|110425578360921183|W|P||W|P|12/29/2004 12:55:00 am|W|P|Blogger know_mystery|W|P|To read the full Quantum article on New Scientist, login using the link in this post, and use the ID i use on peace wiki (all lower case) and the password is your ID...i think!12/24/2004 10:02:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| KnowMystery who took the magnolia pic is moving into her new continuum, settling in on Christmas Eve. How wonderful. Sometimes people do not understand what Tmxxine is for, or how it works. It is a design. It is the future becoming. It is the mundane means, the operative alchemy, gut feeling science. If you try and pin it down, it moves elsewhere. Oh science is narrow enough to get time travel results How many scientist could admit that Heaven and Hell are real in their multiverse? Most them I hope. Meanwhile we are moving to paradise . . . |W|P|110388343369492732|W|P||W|P|12/23/2004 04:04:00 pm|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P|Try joining spiritual olympic events (required reading for 'toe dipper' triple dorje initiates) then reward yourself with a chuckle Meanwhile . . . if you wonder why we have translation programs that convert Basic Japanese to English but still untranslated Basics - try here Let them have Soup "HSP (Hot Soup Processor) is a free Basic-like language developed with the main purpose to create 2D/3D games and multimedia applications. HSP fully supports DirectX and has a large community which provides libraries and applications. HSP is an interpreter but can build stand-alone EXEs starting from 100Kb. HSP is very famous and popular in Japan. " |W|P|110381806709682236|W|P||W|P|12/23/2004 06:45:00 pm|W|P|Blogger know_mystery|W|P|Bim Jester returns! How wonderful... Thank you for it.12/23/2004 06:46:00 pm|W|P|Blogger know_mystery|W|P|PS - Any idea about the Hot Soup (HSP) password? I tried the link... Speaking for myself, passworded Secret Soup sounds delicious and mysterious...12/24/2004 09:51:00 am|W|P|Blogger Ed Jason|W|P|Gosh - the password could be in Japanese. Just think how much software exists in other languages - that is precisely what we need.

One of the requirements of ASQ is it must be multi-lingual at the design stage. For example the word "Print" in Basic or "Writeln" in Pascal
is nowhere near as simple as Curl BECAUSE in Curl
when you type something - it is going on screen - is on screen - so no need for an instruction.

I love the obvious12/25/2004 04:34:00 pm|W|P|Blogger know_mystery|W|P|:)

And restating the obvious... i love the obvious, too!

Merry Christmas!

Am still having connectivity problems on both computers... and so this year, my Christmas Card online might end up being an after-Christmas Card.

Well, it is a state of mind any way.

:)12/20/2004 09:22:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| A Christmas tree from another continuum is all lit up (see above) outside my door. Was it always there? Well according to ideas of the multiverse proposed by cosmologists, consciousness only exists because of an infinity of improbabilities. However only in this probability do we propose others. Weird stuff happens.
Meanwhile in the 'Real World'
Anyone interested in trying an easy
livejournal blog? Here is what it is and how to use livejournal I used to do one here - a blog that is - but I am not so hot on advertising. Only the viagra salesperson turned up (so to speak). Perhaps it is time to prepare for transdimensional blogging? The possibilities are endless. EMCO Malware Bouncer is a malware removal utility that "detects more than 2400 adware, trojans, worms, spyware and dialers. In addition it includes a special removal engine for Alexa Toolbar, HotBar, Smiley Central and Gator Adware. The program only performs a quick registry scan and is not as comprehensive as adaware or spybot" |W|P|110353457133259751|W|P||W|P|12/20/2004 09:28:00 pm|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Effective photo, wonderful. I like the colors and the edging is visually interesting.12/24/2004 09:52:00 am|W|P|Blogger Ed Jason|W|P|It has an element of total chaos about it that I enjoy12/20/2004 07:00:00 am|W|P|know_mystery|W|P| It's no secret - artists fall in love with their models all the time. I should know, it happened to me and my camera this summer. We fell in love with three of them... Captivated by the blue bee hovering within the bell of a yellow lily, with a dusting of golden pollen sparkling against his iridescence blue self. Struck speechless as the red-tailed hawk swooped down across four lanes of suburban traffic right in front of me and returned, talons gripping prey, flying so close overhead I had to duck. Awed at coming eye-to-eye with the blue heron, the sense of time standing still as we faced each other, uncertain which of us was more surprised at the close encounter along the water's edge. It was a summer for things with wings. Now the bee season is over. Last week they cut down the two trees where my hawk roosts. And soon I will be moving away from this river's edge where I've lived the past decade and more. I went for one last long walk along the river Sunday, looking for the hawks, listening within the woods for their beautiful cry, trying to find their new perch. I didn't find the hawks, but as I got to the end of the bridge, something drew my attention to the left. Right there, not three feet away, was a great blue heron. He was perched on a branch up the embankment from the water's edge, head tucked down, sleeping. Not even three feet away. So close! I think he heard my gasp of amazement, and he startled, then took off gracefully, fully extending his wings as though to clasp the air in joy. He cruised just above the surface of the water, then landed in a cove on the other side of the bridge. I climbed over the fence, scrambled down the hill, then hunkered down and settled in to photographing him as he groomed and preened on the distant shore. It was one of those experiences when time ceases to exist. A photography meditation every bit as full of clarity as any I've known. That's what happens, clarity. Oh, and about the photos? I could show you the photos and you'd nod politely and wonder what I see in them, because the heron is there, clearly, though so very tiny. But it's enough for me. Because it was never about the photos. So instead, the photo up top here is the first signs of icing over on river's surface yesterday, not far from where I watched the heron... Now, today, it's snowing... Beautiful snow. Beautiful snow. ~~~~~ And about your own photos? Share them online with Photobucket. Sort them on your hard drive with Picasa. Show them off in flash animations with Advanced Effect Maker. |W|P|110352648611691500|W|P||W|P|12/20/2004 08:40:00 am|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Do you have pictures or creatures from other dimensions?12/20/2004 08:46:00 am|W|P|Blogger know_mystery|W|P|Yes, i believe i do... There are many many instances where something appears on my film that is not visible to my naked eye. There is a photo of amanita mushrooms with an elfish apparition... The elf is not what i am talking about, it is the bluish color swath on the pic. It appears only in photos i take in certain locations, maybe linking it to another dimension?12/20/2004 03:41:00 pm|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This reminds of Douglas Adams technique for flying. Fling yourself at the ground - and miss . . .12/17/2004 10:20:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| Turning Tmxxine into a recipe book has begun. In many ways I feel that being definable is something that people can understand. However a recipe for time travel may just be comic What I will do is create an image with knotplot cook it with some sort of image manipulation program like GIMP and then merge it with this choc soup recipe Eventually I will have something of suitable dimensions to be called real . . . |W|P|110327977638985320|W|P||W|P|12/17/2004 11:26:00 pm|W|P|Blogger know_mystery|W|P|Really interisting ani gif, i like the hourglass symbolic shape... and of course choccysoup as fuel is hard to beat. :)12/24/2004 09:54:00 am|W|P|Blogger Ed Jason|W|P|Sadly it is a 184 k file (I think it is) This is what happens with broadband we forget the modem and phone browsers . . .12/25/2004 04:37:00 pm|W|P|Blogger know_mystery|W|P|Yes... but it has interesting speed effects on both sorts of connections... they give a different experience, both of which are interesting.

Speaking for myself, i forget the file size so often because i'm usually just amazed to get the art to work at all! Am working on this year's 'christmas card' - and just realized the size of it is more than 3MB! LOL
Back to the drawing board.12/14/2004 06:25:00 pm|W|P|know_mystery|W|P|Graal We are what we think. Hmmm? Not so fast... Perhaps, instead, we are how we think. My evening walk goes past an unpreposessing doorway with an intriguing sign - National Center for Teaching Thinking. It started me thinking about thinking. There are so many ways to think besides sequentially, logically driven to a single solution or goal. We have 'critical thinking' and 'lateral thinking', we have thinking outside the envelope. We have thinking outside the box that the envelope is in. We have thinking that liberates us and allows for quantum leaps. There are ways of thinking that by their very nature close doors to us, eliminating that which does not serve the goal at hand, always toeing the line linearly, analytically. And there are ways of thinking that generate new possibilities to consider, that fling open every door and window and skylight and let us play in the fresh air. Can those ways of thinking be taught? Yes, according to that name on that modest doorway on Washington Street here, and others. Wonderful! Because, after all, we are how we think. ~~~~~~~ And speaking of teaching thinking, researchers at the University of Wales, Newport, are teaching clothing to think: “Smart” Clothes for the Future
"(12 November 2004) Clothes that monitor blood sugar for diabetics, sportswear that cools athletes down and garments tracked by satellite are just some of the possible areas to be tackled by the new Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology Research Unit, based at the Newport School of Art, Media and Design at the University of Wales, Newport."
|W|P|110304927597137050|W|P||W|P|12/24/2004 09:56:00 am|W|P|Blogger Ed Jason|W|P|I would go much further and say we think ourselves into existenc and when no longer thinking - we are little more than 'sleeping meat'

LOL - of course even dust shines with a presence . . .1/11/2005 11:13:00 pm|W|P|Blogger know_mystery|W|P|mmmm shiny sparkly dust motes

what is a mote anyway?

:)12/14/2004 07:03:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| Even though a search engine is built into most browsers, how are we to find "heaven"? HolyGeeks are technophiles and use webopedia to know what to know |W|P|110300858587738941|W|P||W|P|12/13/2004 04:40:00 pm|W|P|know_mystery|W|P| Ready for a peak experience? The peak of the annual Geminid Meteor shower, that is. I am a shameless geek when it comes to meteor showers... I could talk your ears off about things like bolides and earth grazers and which meteors originate from what comet and radiants... Take the word "radiant" - it refers, as Merriam-Webster says, to "a point in the heavens at which the visible parallel paths of meteors appear to meet when traced backward." But think about the primary definition of "radiant," though: 1 a : radiating rays or reflecting beams of light b : vividly bright and shining : GLOWING 2 : marked by or expressive of love, confidence, or happiness Can you think of a better word to associate with meteors? I can't. Tonight marks the peak of the Geminid Meteor Shower at about 22:20 GMT, or 5:20PM Eastern time in the US, but the meteor activity is expected to continue for six or more hours. Greatest likelihood of seeing exploding meteor earth grazers or fireballs (like the photo on this page) is around the peak time. Predictions are for 60 to 120 meteors per hour, weather permitting, maybe more. This map, produced using WinStars free software, shows the Geminids radiant in the constellation Gemini as seen at 22:00 GMT. The constellation Orion is visible to the right - I use Orion a lot for orientation.
If you look head on at Gemini, the meteors you see may seem short-tailed, because they are coming right at you. Try to look in the opposite direction to see longer meteor tails. The same applies to photographing meteors. Photographing meteors is quite simple, point and snooze, really. There's a wonderful astronomy newsletter from Ed Ed Ehrlich of sky-watch to keep you up-to-date on sky events. Want more information on tonight's Geminids? Try space.com. And now, a little meteor music... "Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket Never let it fade away Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket Save it for a rainy day..." {CATCH A FALLING STAR - Paul Vance/Lee Pockriss - Perry Como - 1958} |W|P|110295710404745132|W|P||W|P|12/24/2004 10:00:00 am|W|P|Blogger Ed Jason|W|P|I like the idea of radiance. It corresponds to the idea of presence - in the complexity of the multiverse, many ways to expience many of our kismets exist. Will a tmxxine be built? Of course. It is fate.12/12/2004 09:58:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| Are we are the punks of Time Travel? Do Great Minds and small minds Think Alike How do we experience time? Like a dot moving along a string from a known past into only one predestined future? Well the string moves through many planes, branes or dimensions - so even though the dot only experiences the linear, it is the choice of the dot as to how it wobbles the string. So our experience of reality is open to the strings or branes next to us. We are the self created, jumping from a dot to sphere. Tmxxine is a post-scientific project. That is why we are happy to borrow heavily from mystical traditions in particular alchemy, from artistic endeavours in particular Outsider Art. From the scientific community we borrow everything from quantum computing to wiki programming. From the commercial technologists we use freeflow open source resources. Our philosophy is so simple, that is why we never state it in every dimension. We leave that for serious folk. We are the punks of Time Travel |W|P|110284551098938815|W|P||W|P|12/13/2004 09:04:00 pm|W|P|Blogger know_mystery|W|P|"Our philosophy is so simple, that is why we never state it in every dimension. We leave that for serious folk."

"We are the punks of Time Travel"

Wonderful. I liked the way you described the dot on the string, and then moving to a sphere. And wasn't it Nasrudin who answered the age old question "How long is a piece of string?"12/11/2004 06:28:00 pm|W|P|know_mystery|W|P| Everyone who loves change, raise their hands. ...



Yeah, me neither.

And yet, a true story. The highway on-ramp was backed up yesterday. I had already missed the train. Turning right, onto the turnpike, would have meant an extra half hour sitting in the back of the taxi. I am good at being patient and usually don't mind being in traffic, but ... Going straight ahead, though, was an option - one I'd never taken before. Impulsively I told the driver to continue driving straight, which would bring us back onto the turnpike only one exit from the regular stop. It was an amazing, meandering drive. The two-lane road paralleled the turnpike the entire way, sometimes separated from the interstate by as little as 100 yards, yet it was a drive through a different world. The sky was misty, foggy, moody in a beautiful way, and the roadway black and shiny. You could hear the swish of the tires. The leaves on the trees and the ground glistened. You could almost smell the rich moist earthy scent of late autumn leaves and mushrooms and soil. We passed through Cochituate State Park, where the view of North Pond shrouded in low-hanging clouds could have been the same scene watched by people centuries ago. The tiny cemetery on the North side of the road was unexpected, the tilted slate headstones, families clustered together, the small stones of children... It was proof in a uniquely human and tangible way that the road had been in use more than 300 years. I like that, travelling roads that subtly reveal to us glimpses of their past, glimpses of our connection with those who have gone before. And there I was, transported back a couple of centuries, imagining the play of children long ago, when the taxi made the graceful arcing loop onto the turnpike exchange and we were back in the 21st Century. Time travel, indeed. We were back on the same highway as every morning... the same and yet not the same. And this is true - things looked different. Architectural details of buildings were there that I'd not noticed before, landscaping on the embankments more beautiful, the pine trees shimmery with raindrops, grass somehow greener and more plush than only the day before, the beautiful white birch tree trunks softly glowing in the mist. Nothing had changed except the route I took onto the highway. What does this have to do with technology? Let me ask this: Do the tools we use on the internet {highway} become part of the lens we see through online? |W|P|110279081947732519|W|P||W|P|12/11/2004 02:57:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| The Astral Dolphins INSISTED on swimming through everyones dream realms (May have been the astral fish they were promised would be there) Uwaissi Sufism is baraka without the fish Saw a rare pipistrel bat flying in London two days ago . . . or was it a dream
Happy Birthday to Shadow
Yesterday we ordered internet wifi hardware Broadband Connection A Laptop An Open University Course in Mathematics (that should keep him going for a while) |W|P|110273490261171367|W|P||W|P|12/11/2004 11:01:00 pm|W|P|Blogger know_mystery|W|P|Yes, Happy Birthday to Shadow!

Psst, do you think he ordered that course in Higher Mathematics to help him count the larger number of candles on his birthday cake?12/08/2004 06:35:00 pm|W|P|know_mystery|W|P| "...But some of us are looking at the stars" ~ Oscar Wilde ~
I'm a sucker for the moon and the stars. It's been that way since I was a little girl and my parents roused me from sleep to watch the meteors one balmy August night. That would have been the Perseids back then. Wish I'd kept a journal of all those experiences over the years, like watching meteors from 26,000 feet in a plane over the Rockies, the cabin lights dark... Or standing on the hill out back, transfixed, slack-jawed in awe as a Leonid meteor exploded overhead in a brilliant flash that lit the sky bright as high noon. I was amazed at the trail of golden dust that hung there, immobile, in the sky for long seconds before sinking, dispersing in a sparkly shadow. Disney could not even come close. At moments like that, I'm inevitably drawn to thoughts of people throughout the ages staring heavenward at the mystery unfolding. I feel irrevocably connected with the universe in a way more profound than any religious experience inside any church building. But I digress. There's a new Comet that's visible to the naked eye, Comet Machholz (technically named c/2004 Q2). Predictions are that it will be getting brighter and higher in the sky near the end of December. Prime viewing just in time for the Peace Elements retreat! More information available here http://www.space.com/spacewatch/comet_winter_040917.html And a great freeware sky chart program here: http://www.winstars.net/english/index2.html Ladies and gentlemen, start your telescopes and binoculars! |W|P|110253130950962977|W|P||W|P|12/10/2004 03:58:00 am|W|P|Blogger Lobster|W|P|Good to hear about the stars and Welcome to the Tmxxine Continuum :-) Did you take the pic of a comet? Really - amazing . . .

I really enjoy looking at star stuff without telescopes - meteor showers and so on. Recently Seeing Lucifer/Venus/the Morning Star as seen by the Buddha on his third day of realizing meditation was great. The Crescent moon and Jupiter were also in the dawning sky . . .12/11/2004 10:58:00 pm|W|P|Blogger know_mystery|W|P|Thanks for the welcome here. :)

Yes, i took that photo of Comet Hale Bopp myself. Actually, i photographed it over a period of about 5 months when it was here, suspended above in the NorthWest almost like a rip in the fabric of the sky.

I liked your description of seeing that stellar configuration - Lucifer/Venus/Morning Star - as seen by the Buddha. Meaningful.

Do you remember last year when the moonrise emulated what it was like when VanGogh painted that famous moonrise? It was so wonderful to watch.

I am such a softie for things like that. :)12/08/2004 03:24:00 pm|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| Reading dictionaries is a hobby of mine, so I consider wikipedia light reading Our peace wiki grows in interesting ways Joyce added star gazing as a peaceful activity. Are these file sharing programs any good? |W|P|110252031112730105|W|P||W|P|12/13/2004 05:12:00 am|W|P|Blogger Mike Linksvayer|W|P|re: good file sharing programs

LimeWire is pretty good. Greatly improved performance over the last year.12/06/2004 01:03:00 pm|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| Puppy Linux is no dog. It looks like Windows 95. It is also very simple to set up and use and it is small to download. That is all I can say. Maybe it is the chronology protection agency, using the wrong type of mushroom or just . . . The rest of this entry (which had links to spamgourmet - I dunno is it easier to get spam than set up this spam eating service? kiki game and so on - was determined not to be sent) Maybe this will get through and I can edit later. I blame it on the little pixies . . . |W|P|110233463842812755|W|P||W|P|12/05/2004 09:24:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| Here is the Geese News - eh sorry Geek News . . . Who has heard of XUL? MS will be very worried - because they MUST control the browser market to stay in the Operating System business The future Operating system is JUST a glorified browser (you heard it here first) Frankly Firefox is stable and great. Joyce KnowMystery told us how great it is and she will be co-editor on this blog very soon. Firefox allows plug ins written in XUL which is a type of XML Have you tried installing a Firefox plug in? Easy . . . (In fact I am gonna see what new ones are available . . .) "The browser is the future, the phone is the computer We are all connected NOW" Trust me, I am almost a time traveller . . . (just need to work on the details) |W|P|110223873811666887|W|P||W|P|12/04/2004 09:11:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| X-Raypc spyware remover is great for the technically minded otherwise we could damage our configuration. Most of us need adaware and spybot and spyware blaster You can find those programs by clicking on freeware on the links - you are running anti-virus and a firewall I take it? Meanwhile on new years eve we will be holding a marathon of "Happy New Years" for a variety of time zones If we get it right we should be able to celebrate for hours . . . Then we can develop ASQ which needs a coders search engine built in, with an AI facility m m m . . . |W|P|110215158822799359|W|P||W|P|12/03/2004 09:50:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| Lorik, less than three years old (already a god in some dimensions), is being taught to program by our Dear Friend Friedger "Fridge" Mufke, the infamous Curl programmer. Get 'em young I say.
"Instead of the game being developed by a game corporation, it would be developed by multiple users donating time in sort of a wiki style," said Ludlow, a philosophy professor at the University of Michigan. "This is a different picture, one in which the games would emerge in a bottom-up kind of way. The structure wouldn't be dictated, but would emerge from numerous people trying to extend the game space."
Ah Professor. It is all a game. Time. ASQ. Life. W i K i d Today I was resurrecting my XBasic program, ALMS for our Peace Elements retreat when my hair suddenly turned green and I ended up in a virtual IM ocean Meanwhile . . . |W|P|110207009593450880|W|P||W|P|12/02/2004 07:51:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| Free champagne anyone? (Not you Buddha!) My sister innocently sent me a wonderful email offer - just provide 10 emails, your address and Veuve Cliquot will send a free case of champagne. Well if it was Microsoft trying to sell their .Net turkey, I would believe it. But going to the real site I notice it was an email harvesting scam . . . [sigh] Are there still bad people in the world? Well here is all the genuine free stuff
The Boulder Pledge "Under no circumstances will I ever purchase anything offered to me as the result of an unsolicited e-mail message. Nor will I forward chain letters, petitions, mass mailings, or virus warnings to large numbers of others. This is my contribution to the survival of the online community." Roger Ebert
I can never find anything on my computer desktop - not since Microsoft named everything "My Pictures, My Docs and My Life etc. Thanks MS I know you are naming it "My" until such time as you can make it yours, and rent it out to me. Just remember your time has come. You have peaked. Collapse will be monumental - are you ready? Just Yin and Yang guys - and thanks for all the fish as a penguin called TUX once said.
thanks for all the fish
So back to trying to find info: I thought install Copernic It has been indexing for half an hour already. No wonder I can not find anything I am cyber-cluttered . . . Had to remove copernic it was indexing too much. Remember why I uninstalled it before. It is just too keen. tried to turn it off - up it pops [sigh] Cheers |W|P|110197438629324588|W|P||W|P|12/01/2004 03:14:00 pm|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| The Peace Elements cyber-retreat has been created as a wiki. Good to see the Freeware wiki I started as a tmxxine resource doing so well. Is this Don Busca Search engine any good? Meanwhile I will stick with alchemy |W|P|110191561564035038|W|P||W|P|