1/22/2005 08:44:00 pm|W|P|know_mystery|W|P| "... but some of us are looking at the stars." Oscar Wilde got that right. And this week many of us have been looking at the stars, and also at the spectacular photos of Saturn's moon Titan beamed back by Cassini from the Huygens probe. According to Amateurs beat space agencies to Titan pictures from Nature , the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA made the unprecedented decision to release the raw photo images to the public right away. One of the most fascinating landscape images of Titan's surface in the story in Nature was rendered by an amateur, Mike Zawitowski, using the freeware program Terragen TM . For more Earthly renderings, such as this stunning piece by Luc Bianco, visit the photo gallery on the Terragen TM site. What is it about Saturn? Poet Kennet Rexroth has one answer:

On What Planet

Uniformly over the whole countryside The warm air flows imperceptibly seaward; The autumn haze drifts in deep bands Over the pale water; White egrets stand in the blue marshes; Tamalpais, Diablo, St. Helena Float in the air. Climbing on the cliffs of Hunter’s Hill We look out over fifty miles of sinuous Interpenetration of mountains and sea. Leading up a twisted chimney, Just as my eyes rise to the level Of a small cave, two white owls Fly out, silent, close to my face. They hover, confused in the sunlight, And disappear into the recesses of the cliff. All day I have been watching a new climber, A young girl with ash blond hair And gentle confident eyes. She climbs slowly, precisely, With unwasted grace. While I am coiling the ropes, Watching the spectacular sunset, She turns to me and says, quietly, "It must be very beautiful, the sunset, On Saturn, with the rings and all the moons." ~ Kenneth Rexroth ~

|W|P|110642936465169492|W|P||W|P|1/19/2005 11:15:00 pm|W|P|know_mystery|W|P| And this is a true story... There I was on Monday, minding my own business, walking along the waters' edge, camera in hand, looking for Herons. It was cold, slightly below freezing, but only the day before I came '...this close...' to the Heron I visit most often. That day, I stood about 8 feet behind him, gazing out at the same patch of river together, until my sneeze broke the silence... and the spell. :) What a sight to watch from a spot directly behind him, as he soared off, his wings extended far on either side of me in that graceful motion of scooping the air and lifting off. I stood frozen, imagining what it would feel like to take flight, and then I remembered the camera. The photo shows the trees and the water and... a wedge of blurred feathers with only the bold patch of white against blue giving a clue that a heron was there. Good thing it was never about the pictures. So, there I was feeling a little sadness at not seeing the Heron Monday, when a flash of orange-red against the snow near the spillway caught my eye. It was just a darting of orange-red among the trees, swooping back and forth and up and down. I grabbed the camera to be able to see it better through the longish lens. Imagine my surprise when it looked like the bird was a Robin. (That might not seem like such a big deal, but in New England, Robins are harbingers of Spring. I have never before seen a Robin in January.) Sunlight cast out a glow of golden late afternoon rays and the trees came alive with Robins. Scores of them, flitting about and singing... and, most importantly, feeding on abundant red and plum berries that still remained in the depth of January winter. What a happy time, watching Robins in Winter! We don't always get what we expect (Herons)... sometimes we get something equally lovely (Robins). And this is still a true story... Yesterday, I showed a friend the Robin photo, and learned that the American Robin is not the same bird that is called a Robin in Europe. Then last night I mentioned to the taxi driver the delight of seeing Robins in January. He told me that the Inuit don't have a word for Robins, but now they do have many Robins because of global warming. So, I checked to see if there was anything about Inuit words for Robin on BrainBoost and found another blogger on a similar theme. Last month, someone else told me of a blue-breasted Robin that had been sighted in Scotland. As with my Robins here, it is unusual for the blue-breasted Robin to winter over there. But, maybe there isn't really a blue-breasted Robin at all. A Robin with a blue breast seems to fly in the face of the Robin meme. Could it just be someone with PhotoShop and too much time on their hands? And it all has me wondering about things like global warming and different words for different birds. And what makes a Robin a Robin? How do you define Robin-ness? I know this much. I want the blue-breasted Robin to be real. And i don't care if Your Robin is different from My Robin. And I want Our Robins to stay and sing and watch us while we garden. |W|P|110618212512458170|W|P||W|P|1/16/2005 04:11:00 pm|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| It may be disrespectful to send a penguin to another dimension. However it is likely that the first transmissions will be into the future. Start with energy then a particle for a brief appearance. Then a nanoprobe. Before you know it Tux is arriving from Dimension Linux demanding fish rights. Ah well. I have thought of a snappy new name for our future Linux (first experiments and logo design appear here). Meanwhile congratulations to the Huygens space craft who seem to have found oil on Titan|W|P|110589266657706944|W|P||W|P|1/18/2005 11:28:00 pm|W|P|Blogger know_mystery|W|P|Adorable penguin! Did you craft this in GIMP?

:)1/14/2005 03:15:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P|Jumbo ('Good Day' in Swahili) For Quick reference remember if you want a free Debian based Linux go to the Ubuntu website and they will send you a Live CD and a hard disk installable version. Using the Live CD version now - Oh and the Live CD also includes Windows freeware. They insisted on sending me extra copies for friends - it's a bit like AOL all over again - except this time it is most welcome. Well OK Puppy is the official Tmxxine Linux but we need a reserve. Who will it be? They are all so good. Hey I know - you decide :-) Ubuntu incidentally is an ancient African word (Swahili? Zulu? Egyptian? Kakiyu? - not sure) meaning humanity towards others |W|P|110567263923822856|W|P||W|P|1/13/2005 11:32:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P|I like to see things in absolutes. I am right, everyone else is universally wrong. Or it it the other way around? Tmxxine is not concerned about how or why other dimensions are accessed. It is a pragmatic project that knows the journey results in the destination. Unlike other disciplines that try and contain and restrain we value the expression that others feel is too much to meet. Soon we will be revealing the first ever training course for osmonaughts. If you wish to join, finding the location will be the first aptitude test. Good luck. |W|P|110561638658516175|W|P||W|P|1/11/2005 09:17:00 pm|W|P|know_mystery|W|P| Taurus, Moon, Pleiades, Comet Hale-Bopp Gone fishing... star fishing, that is. At last, after two weeks of overcast, the sky opened up to heaven last night. And what a heaven it was. Coal black space with garlands of pearly stars arrayed against it's velvet majesty... Directly overhead, twinkled the warm yellow Betelgeuse, bluish Bellatrix and icy white Rigel of Orion... to the right, Aldeberan in Taurus... So many different colored stars visible to the naked eye. Farther to the right, a bit more faintly, the Pleiades, one of my favorites. This was an expanse of sky i watched nightly for four months a few years ago when Comet Hale- Bopp passed through. I am fond of this patch of heaven. Now there's a new comet in that same neighborhood - Comet Machholz. And last night, pink plastic binoculars in hand, there it was, a bit to the right and above the Pleiades. But don't take my word for it. See for yourself. As the Drifters (and Carole King and James Taylor and Laura Nyro) remind us: At night the stars put on a show for free... ... |W|P|110547880427931798|W|P||W|P|1/09/2005 11:45:00 pm|W|P|know_mystery|W|P| Overnight snows left a frosting on the back porch and made the fresh tracks so easy to see. Definitely feline, they were far too small for any of the resident cats, who all have an extra 3 toes on each front paw. Out front, the dusting on the front walk leading to the driveway held tell-tale tracks of a bunny. It was a small one that would probably fit in my outstretched hand -- each hind paw left a track smaller than my thumbnail. Judging from the tracks, which were evenly paced and clear in the newfallen powder, the bunny was patiently hopping about, no sign of being chased by the cat. That made me feel good. Out on the sidewalk now, parallel to the street, were very large dog tracks - larger than a Labrador, possibly German Shepherd. Looking at these tracks, it seemed as though the dog was running along with it's human, a jogger even in New England winter. That made me smile, picturing steamy dog breaths on the chill morning air. Then the squirrel darted across the street, across my path, in a tiny blur - bounding over the curb and snowbank, springing from the sidewalk to the base of the pine in a single leap. And, as squirrels are wont to do, he turned facing me, tail skyward and chattered and watched. Slowly I eased up alongside the path he had taken, looking at the ground for squirrel tracks in the fresh snow, but there were none. Perhaps he weighed to little to leave any? Maybe he was moving so fast his tracks were too far apart for me to see. And then in the next block I saw a different track. First a single droplet of blood fresh on the snow. And then a few more, closer together in a straight line. Walking on, watching the path more intently, more and more droplets crimson on the snow as though drizzled in a line... For blocks, this straight red line had me worried. Then, at the corner gas station, near the front step, it was no longer a line of red drops but a puddle, a ruby pool there in the snow. I felt a measure of relief, imagining the wounded one had found care inside. I continued on, turning towards the North, glancing at the ground every so often, feeling better since the bloody tracks were behind me. Or not. There, insidiously, once more were the blood red droplets in the snow just as before, a straight line following my path. Or rather, I was following their path, as concern for the wounded one welled up once again. For the next two blocks, the crimson trail stained the snow and I felt unsettled. And then I saw it. Or rather them... Horizontal stripings, perpendicular to the sidewalk, on either side of me. Distinctive treadmarks. A small snowplow! And the "blood"? Leaky motor oil, nothing more. Blood... oil. Snake... rope. |W|P|110531469722520430|W|P||W|P|1/09/2005 09:52:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| The stated aims for tmxxine have always been: Meanwhile someone has kindly put a word for tmxxine here but that is all it is :-) |W|P|110526536068683809|W|P||W|P|1/10/2005 09:45:00 pm|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Stunning art! Is the font Papyrus or something else? The aqua/bluegreen color is so calming. Wonderful.1/11/2005 03:04:00 am|W|P|Blogger Ed Jason|W|P|Papyrus1/07/2005 01:02:00 pm|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| I have given my second Tux flavoured computer the name Cecil now that this is an Open Source Ultimate Deity I feel it is perhaps best to stick to generic worship rather than support factions . . . meanwhile HolyGeek our technical support group has become Peace-L |W|P|110510355703014919|W|P||W|P|1/06/2005 05:23:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| At the present time we are aware of only one affordable and feasible design for PD time travel However many other components and technologies need research and fruition before the reality will manifest. In particular the use and understanding of gravity to effect light. ASQ now has a new fluid home. |W|P|110499072438450101|W|P||W|P|1/04/2005 03:28:00 am|W|P|Ed Jason|W|P| Time seems to have been frozen I installed a product called Deep Freeze from Faricon. Not only can I no longer change the time setting, I can not uninstall the product and consequently I am stuck in 2004 Maybe I can talk my way out with speegle and some emerging technologies Meanwhile something for the penguins to draw their way out of Windows |W|P|110481112984937793|W|P||W|P|1/03/2005 04:29:00 pm|W|P|know_mystery|W|P| What time is it? Tmxxine Soup time? mmm mmmm goood... Speaking of time, Dick Henry, a physicist at Johns Hopkins University has devised a new calendar, one in which every date falls on the same day of the week for every year, according to New Scientist. There would be no more leap years, but every five or six years, an additional week would be inserted in order to keep in harmony with the changing seasons. Henry has named this leap week "Newton Week," in honor of Isaac Newton, and says "If I had my way, everyone would get Newton Week off as a paid vacation and could spend the time doing physics, or other activities of their choice." Newton Week? I like it! |W|P|110477054787515542|W|P||W|P|1/02/2005 04:32:00 pm|W|P|know_mystery|W|P| Tree at Walden Pond, December 31, 2004 A New Year... and Old Tree... I spent a good part of New Years Eve Afternoon out at Walden Pond, which is nearby here. It was a wonderful place to be in solitude and stillness, only a couple of other people about, and the sun was sparkling golden on Walden Pond. There was a stillness, palpable and clear... A timelessness that made it very easy to envision Thoreau walking along the shores or watching the birds or the sunset. Walden Pond is a kettle pond, formed from a receding glacier ages ago. Like all kettle ponds, it has no streams feeding into or out of it. How strange that seems to me. I wonder, does it contain any of the same water it did when Thoreau trod it's banks? I would like to think it might - it's more than 100 feet deep, but maybe evaporation and rainfall have recycled the waters back into itself. Someone had made a snowperson and positioned it on the shoreline, where she gazed in contemplation. Henry David would have appreciated it, I believe.

What does this have to do with tmxxine? Time is nonlocal and non-temporaneous. There is a way we can be connected with events past present and future right now. And when, and where, is it never now? |W|P|110468511879536644|W|P||W|P|